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How much profit goes to the makers/artisans?Updated a year ago

Made Trade works with small brands and businesses based in the U.S. and around the world that employ makers and artisans to make their products, and we are committed to paying fair prices for each ethically-sourced item we carry. We vet each partner to ensure responsible sourcing, which to us means paying fair and livable wages to their makers and employees for their work, paying fair prices for the materials used to make their products, as well as supporting ecological sustainability through their production process and supply chain wherever possible. 

This vetting approach aligns with fair trade standards for evaluating ethical and fair business practices by organizations such as Fair Trade Federation. For further context on this question of "how much profit goes to the makers/artisans," the cost breakdown of each product varies greatly depending on how long it takes for the makers/artisans to craft the item, additional processes involved in its production, how expensive the materials are, transportation and shipping costs, marketing costs, overhead costs, etc.

Our founder started Made Trade after working with artisans in the Middle East and India and undergoing the Fair Trade verification process while realizing the growing number of amazing companies committed to fair and sustainable sourcing who have a hard time getting their products in front of conscious consumers in the U.S. Our hope is to continue to grow Made Trade's reach to be able to serve more small businesses, small-batch manufacturers and artisan cooperatives making outstanding products, so they, in turn, can grow their businesses within their communities and increase their positive impact for both people and the planet.

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