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How do I know the products on Made Trade are actually ethically sourced?Updated a year ago

The Made Trade team vets every product we carry to ensure it's aligned with our values. Each of the 150+ brands, small businesses, makers, and artisan collectives we partner with goes through an extensive application process where we collect detailed information about their products, manufacturing process, labor conditions, materials, fair trade status, third-party verifications, and much, much more. We conduct thorough reviews of our products to provide true transparency to our customers.

Our application process includes vetting sustainable sourcing of materials, verifying safe working conditions, and ensuring everyone along the supply chain is paid a livable wage. Many of the products we carry are made in workshops or factories with third-party certifications that verify the sustainability of the materials, fair wages, and working conditions. You can always find relevant certifications listed in the product details or the 'About the brand' section of any particular product.

For some single makers or smaller businesses, third-party certifications can be costly and can take years to be implemented. When a brand or factory isn't third-party certified, our team does extensive research and investigation to verify living wages in the region (these are often very different from the minimum wage), working conditions, and additional benefits offered to workers and employees. 

We pledge to provide true transparency about the ethically made goods we offer. So you can shop freely, knowing each piece has been responsibly sourced and expertly crafted with sustainable materials.

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